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Avoid Computer Scams – part 1

If someone calls you, saying your computer is in trouble and they work with Microsoft to help you,
Or your computer pops up a message for you to “click here” to clean your computer,
Or your computer starts talking to you, telling you to call a number because it’s infected,

These are all ways for nasty people to take your money and control of your computer away from you.

If someone called you on the phone, hang up. The real Microsoft never calls, just like the real IRS would never call you.

If your computer has a message popped up or a voice telling you what to do, don’t click anything. Turn off your computer immediately. Then turn it back on. If the message stays away, it was only “aggressive marketing” trying to scare you into complying.

If the message won’t stay away, call us at (503) 634-2778 for help right away. If your computer is still letting you use the Internet, Jeff can even connect to your computer and help you while the message is still on your screen.