Featured Customers

Small Agricultural Machine Manufacturer – approx 10 computers

Services provided:

  • Set up WiFi that reaches thru whole building, attached shop and another shop and large area outside.
  • Set up the Network for all 10 computers, most wired, some WiFi
  • Selected and ordered and installed affordable server to host CAD files.
  • Virus removal
  • Set up virtual XP in Windows 10 computer laptop used to take to clients, to run older AutoCAD software.
  • Subscribes to Offsite Server back-up


PCS Innovative Solution!

This customer presented Jeff with a dilemma, they needed a way to have a computer on the factory floor, but didn’t want to invest in an expensive industrial computer. Jeff brainstormed and customized a solution for having a portable, tough computer cart to have on the factory floor, so that it can be rolled from job to job. This involved welding a custom metal cart together – a piece of cake for them – as metalworking is their business! They constructed the cart with a built-in computer fan & filter for a laptop, which is protected by sitting inside the contained top shelf with clear acrylic cover for viewing the laptop, and then on the lower shelf; a car battery, charging circuit and inverter to power the mobile computer cart. Lasts eight hours before needing to be plugged in. Wireless keyboard and mouse are placed on small outer shelf, so that laptop is never touched.  Saved over $2,000 versus buying rugged industrial computer. It’s been in use about a year, at this writing, without any problems. They are very pleased with it!  An innovative and cost effective solution!