Customer Comments

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“I will be using Jeff again in the near future”

In December 2009, Mike L. in Colton wrote:
I know Jeff to be very good with Hardware, Networking, and SQL setup and
Administration. I will be using Jeff again in the near future.

“The first person that I totally trusted”

In February 2012, Connie in Woodburn said:
This was the first person that I totally trusted and he is wonderful and he is very reliable.

“Great problem solver and customizer”

In September 2014, Frank in Monitor wrote the following:
Dear Jeffry,
I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other users.
Details of the Recommendation: “Great problem solver and customizer, will
work with you to get your desired results.”
Service Category: anything computers
Year first hired: 1996 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“Knows what he is doing and is easy to work with”

I’m a writer and my computer is absolutely necessary for my professional
welfare. Jeff Archambeau has come to my aid when I needed him most. He
knows what he is doing and is easy to work with. I recommend him to anyone
who needs expert service at an affordable price. Prof Bill Meulemans, Aurora 2016

“He has patiently taught me”

Jeff Archambeau is my trusted resource for hard to answer website and techy
questions. He always comes through with a great solution in a timely
fashion. He has patiently taught me how to use WordPress themes for my own
websites, and now I’m doing the same type of work for clients of my own!
I’ve worked with him for over seven years and I whole heartedly recommend
him to you, whether you’re a new business who needs a website built or
you’re looking for a reliable source for ongoing computer and I.T. support.
You can trust him. He’s the best! – Michelle Stephens,

“He saves me hours of frustration!”

My wife and I run three businesses from home, and when we needed to create
a network of our computers, Jeff was the person I called. He knows what
he’s doing. He helped us purchase computers at the best prices with the
capabilities that we need. And any time I have a problem with my website, he finds the solution I need.

He saves me hours of frustration! If you need ongoing, reliable I.T. support, Jeff’s your guy.

Rick Stephens, Peak Home Design-Oregon and Switchback-Media